Hire a Security Service to Protect Your Business from Preventable Loss

A security service that offers armed and unarmed guards to protect your business from theft or to maintain decorum at an event allows you to sleep better at night and focus on running your business. Complex Security has been providing personalised security services to the Sunshine Coast with dedicated personnel trained to provide quality customer service.

Benefits of a Security Services Company

Any size business can benefit from the services provided by a security company beyond security alarm response. They offer a feeling of protection for you and your employees both during and after work hours.

  • One of the key features most people look for is the security alarm response. How quickly they respond affects the amount of damage or loss. A quick response gives thieves less time to remove goods or cause destruction.
  • If you decide you should have a guard on the premises, you can expect less crime in and around your establishment. A security presence deters would-be troublemakers and offers comfort to your staff and clientele.
  • If something does occur while a guard is present, they are trained to maintain control of the situation until police arrive. They become a point of contact from where you can transmit information professionally which is useful in the resolution of the circumstances.

Tips Regarding a Security Services Company

Hiring the right security company that meets your needs requires some careful consideration to ensure you get it right the first time. Asking pointed questions will help you determine if a specific company is the right fit for you.

  • Is the company locally owned and operated or is it a national company? A locally owned security services company who is familiar with your area offers you more insightful security options. Choosing a local company who employs their guards and doesn’t use outside contractors offers you a more secure feeling.
  • How was their customer service when you reached out to them? If they responded quickly and knowledgeably to your queries, you can be sure of the quality of treatment later.
  • Does the company provide services other than security? If so, you may want to keep looking. A company that focuses solely on the security of your personnel and property offers you better protection.

Why You Should Use Complex Security

Our family-owned business has been providing security services, including security alarm response, on the Sunshine Coast for nearly two decades. Our professional staff of security personnel have been with us for years and maintain required licensing, which is audited every three years. We offer 24/7 services that go through one contact – the owner. We take a personal approach to provide security services and tailor our services specifically to your needs. We provide security for local and state government giving us a long-standing reputation in the area.

Please call us with any questions regarding our services and how they can complement your business. We are confident you will appreciate the services we have to offer that allows you to protect your assets professionally.

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