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Complex Security

School & Colleges

Schools and Colleges are often a target for graffiti and break ins.  Let our professional team conduct regular patrols throughout the night to minimize the risk of thoses expensive incidences.

Complex Security provides security services for many educational institutions on the coast.

Patrols can be tailored to meet your specific needs. So whether you require regular patrols, guards in attendance  for that next school function or money to be securely transferred daily or weekly to the bank, Complex Security can assist you.

For a quote or enquiry call : (07) 5447 7566

Importantly our cars are not spread from one end of the coast to the other, each car has a designated area.


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Hi Fiona
Thank you so much for organising the Security for our Christmas Party last night
They were very professional

Cath Mitchell

Membership Manager | Tourism Noosa

Hi Fiona
I would like to congratulate Andrew for his quick thinking and response to not only call the police but to also call for assistance of a second guard (who was also good). A great response.


Hi Fiona your team were fantastic!

Kate Garner

Events Executive Australia Zoo