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Cash In Transit & ATM Services

Complex Security – Security Sunshine Coast supply trained professionals armed and unarmed in Cash in Transit who can collect and transfer you takings to a financial Institution of your choice safely and securely. This can be done in a number of ways; armed, unarmed, in uniform, out of uniform, our professional officers cater to your needs. Have your cash and valuables transferred at a time suitable to you, safely and professionally. Complex Security can collect change orders from the bank and deliver it in the denomination required.

Clients include hotels, clubs, supermarkets, coffee shops, caravan parks, chemists, dress and jewellery stores, service stations ….. no matter what business you are in you need to bank, let the professionals do it.

Keep your staff and your money safe and take the risk out of banking, don’t have your staff taking your hard earned money to the bank and becoming vulnerable to random or planned attacks, leave it to the professionals from Complex Security who are highly trained in this area.

Do you have an event and you need your money safely deposited to the bank?, we have staff who can do that safely and securely.

For a quote or enquiry call : (07) 5447 7566

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Hi Fiona
Thank you so much for organising the Security for our Christmas Party last night
They were very professional

Cath Mitchell

Membership Manager | Tourism Noosa

Hi Fiona
I would like to congratulate Andrew for his quick thinking and response to not only call the police but to also call for assistance of a second guard (who was also good). A great response.


Hi Fiona your team were fantastic!

Kate Garner

Events Executive Australia Zoo