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Armed security services can lend a whole extra level of protection and peace of mind to businesses, resorts, hotels, colleges, universities, commercial sites, events and more. At Complex Security, we can provide the security services you need to be comfortable with the safety of your property and the customers you serve.




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The Importance of Armed Security Services

There are so many reasons why you might wish to have armed security on hand to protect your private property. Here are just a few reasons why the services we provide at Complex Security are so important to so many enterprises and organisations:

  • Armed security serves as a deterrent: Deterring crime is the most valuable purpose of an armed security team. Would-be criminals are less likely to attempt robberies, break-ins, vandalism or violent crimes when they know that armed guards are just a few steps away. This crime deterrence protects your property and helps create a safer environment.
  • Armed guards put customers at ease: Whether it’s guests at a resort hotel or students on a university campus, individuals who are honest and trustworthy feel at ease when they know that security guards are on-hand to keep them safe. They understand the crime deterrence factor of security teams and feel more at ease in areas where guards are present and alert.
  • Armed security services give you peace of mind: Especially when you are away from your business, or when you know that one of your sites is vulnerable—such as during construction—it can be reassuring to know you have a security team keeping watch.

The Benefits of Choosing Complex Security as Your Armed Security Team

If you are thinking about hiring an armed security team and are wondering which company to choose, keep these factors in mind as reasons to choose Complex Security:

  • We have an experienced team: We are a family-owned business with a 19-year track record and low staff turnover. Most of our guards have been with us for years and are very good at what they do. With us, you are always in good hands.
  • We tailor security to your needs: Every client has different needs for security. Some sites are best protected by static guards, while others require mobile patrols. We will work with you to tailor a security strategy that makes sense given your needs and the layout of your building, site or campus.
  • We emphasise communication: Need to get in touch with us about your security? No worries. We highlight communication as a core part of our client commitment and will always do our best to stay in touch. Unlike some other armed security companies, we do not use call centres. If you need to get in touch with us, or if we need to contact you, you will always be in direct contact with one of our owner-operators.

Why Trust Complex Security Regarding Armed Security Services

From the first time you talk with us about your armed security service needs, the team at Complex Security will work to put you at ease. From designing a tailored security strategy to assigning skilled security guards to your property, our job is to remove any worry or stress you have about the safety of your property.

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